Salon 523

you won't believe what's inside

Omaha's newest salon suite experience.  We have created a space that is high energy and creative for those like individuals who will call Salon 523 home


Salon 523 has 24 suites:

  • 13 exterior suites that feature a full window on the exterior wall for wonderful natural light
    • 9 single, 2 double and 2 triple suites
  • 11 interior suites most featuring a larger interior window to allow them to benefit from the natural light from the exterior suites.
    • 2 interior suites that are completely private and perfect for aesthetics or massage therapy.
    • 4 additional suites are being built out for our hair restoration & med spa partner, JMISKO.

How big are salon 523 suites?

Salon 523 suites are very big by local market standards.  Our average suite is around 160 square feet.   Our largest single suite is nearly 200 square feet and we have a few smaller suites closer to 130 square feet.   Our double and triple spaces allow between 93 to 139 square feet per partner.

What retail items are allowed for resale?

As an owner you are allowed to carry any products of your choosing for resale.  We do ask that you limit products to those that fall within your specific services. 

What types of services will be allowed at salon 523?

Our desire is to draw a variety of personal services professionals.  Many of the suites are designed for cosmetology /barber services we have also specifically designed suites for aesthetics /massage therapy.  As our partner JMISKO offers both hair restoration and med spa services we are excluding any other professionals that offer those services. 


What are the lease terms at salon 523?

All leases at Salon 523 are 12 months.  We do understand that life's circumstances can change, for this reason we offer our partners the option of paying an additional $10.00/month or $2.50 per week for the flexibility of "lease buy out" option.  The "buy out" option allows a partner to pay a percentage of what is remaining on the lease to terminate it without any future obligations.


If you are not already in a salon suite rental this can be a big step and can seem over whelming.  We will try to summarize the basics.   Remember we are partners and we will help guide you through meeting the requirements.  It is of course important for you to have a strong following and business that support your rent.   We ask that our partners have a 12 month history of supporting income.  In addition you will need the following:

  • Proper licensing through DHHS (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services)
  • If you are planning on selling retail items you will need to obtain a Federal Tax ID, also known as an EIN (Employer ID Number) this identifies your business.  There are several ways to apply;  online , by fax or by mail.  Here is a link to the IRS that will get you started.  Your EIN Number allows you to collect sales tax and is also required by many suppliers to allow you to purchase products at wholesale rates.
  • Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate limit.

What are the hours of operations?

Partners have access to their suites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The building hours or 7 AM to 8 PM but each partner has their own access to the building as well as a private lock to their suite.

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