Salon 523

you won't believe what's inside

Omaha's newest salon suite experience.  We have created a space that is high energy and creative for those like individuals who will call Salon 523 home


Salon 523 is a unique salon suite initiative.   We offer our professional partners the opportunity to own and operate their business in their own stylish, well-appointed and thoughtfully designed salon suite.  In return their clients are welcomed into a private salon experience.  Our professional partners are happy and enthusiastic about their work, creating a culture that is rich in excellence and satisfaction.  



Travis Brodersen and Tom Zuk, both architects by trade, having worked as colleagues for 11 years in the architecture industry are now collaborating as partners at salon 523. Now the irony that both Travis & Tom are bald does not escape them.  Though they are not ongoing patrons of any salon, these two are no strangers to the industry. 

Between these two, they have designed or have been associated with salon related spaces and clients in over 15 industry projects.   Most notable being: 


  • Scissors & Scotch in the Shops at Legacy,
  • Garbo’s Salon (Regency, Oak View & Midtown Crossing)
  • Beauty First (Lincoln, Papillion & Omaha)
  • Bare Body Shops (Omaha & Papillion)
  • Lovely Skin at Oak View Mall
  • Xenon – International School of Hair Design in Grand Island
  • Peel’s Salon – Headquarters Building in Papillion.

Dina Whiteaker is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s of Science from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Dina has worked within the laser hair removal and surgical aesthetics industry for several years building a following of many trusted clients.   Travis & Tom were both friends with Dina and felt her experience and credentials made her a clear choice as a partner

The draw to the creativity of this industry along with the ability to help other entrepreneurs establish or improve their own businesses brings a true passion to this project for us all.   We are not just owners, we are partnering with our professionals.  Our goal is creating an atmosphere that nurtures enthusiasm, originality, excellence and success. 


MJ Shelbourn is the owner of MJ Shelbourn & Company a small marketing & design firm that specializes in supporting small businesses and sales professionals in developing and enhancing their brands.  Travis and MJ have worked togetherfor nearly 3 years.  

MJ came on board originally to help us determine if our business plan was feasible and then as things progressed she has developed our brand and message. 

During our process we realized MJ had literally grown up in the - industry.  MJ’s mother and grandmother were both professional cosmetologists here in Omaha her grandmother owned a large salon in Rockbrook in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  During college MJ worked sales within the product and equipment side of the industry.    When it came to determining who would handle our lease up it became clear that MJ was the choice.

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